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About Us

We’re known for delivering dreams

Real Estate is a business of deeply rooted dreams and dizzying sums of money. The fate of which could be cast in stone or to the wind, depending on the Realtor you use.  Choosing a Realtor is a decision fraught with anxiety, unless you find a natural born winner.  Someone driven to hunt down and deliver your goals and dreams.  That very instinct (we like to think it’s lupinely inspired), is second nature to The Wolff Group.  It’s in our blood. It’s also consistently proven in our sales.  And in our reputation. It’s who we are.


We’re known for protecting our own

Today, 91% of the business we do comes from clients we’ve worked with before. Or from people they refer to us, to share our passion for pursuing and protecting their Real Estate dreams.

Consider that one-in-a-million home you’ve dreamed forever of owning. Or that weathered cabin you’d fill with fishing gear and quilts your grandmother made. Consider that place in the sun where you’d walk on the sand and find dollars and driftwood to turn into wind chimes.  Or that perfect investment you’d make if only…

We can help you do any of those.


We’re known for teamwork

Rudyard Kipling wrote in 1895:

…the strength of the pack is the wolf

And the strength of the wolf is the pack.

A team with individually strong members is greater than the sum of its parts. Mutual respect is a powerful motivation. But victory doesn’t come from vain glory or in a vacuum.

Our respect extends to experts in whatever your transaction requires, including mortgages, tax consultation, legal assistance or preparing a home for sale.

Just as the wolf keeps its pact with the pack, The Wolff Group keeps ours with one another and with you. We each utilize our unique strengths in perfect harmony to meet your needs, keep you informed and realize your dreams.

When teamwork works like that, it works wonders.


We’re known for wisdom

Wisdom is the wealth of those who travel in well-worn shoes. And who learn something with every step they take.

It’s also what separates the perspicacious wolf from the sheep. It helps us turn information into insights that sell a home faster and for top dollar. It helps us spot opportunities that aren’t obvious. And find properties others overlook.

Wisdom lets us make fast decisions fearlessly when they’re in your financial favor. It’s our guiding light. Our guardian. And our gift.


We’re known for grace

Grace is the ultimate asset of athletes and animals in the wild – the final measure of how well they perform.

And in Real Estate, where pressure also comes with the territory, grace is disarmingly humbling. It speaks silent volumes about experience, confidence and instinctive preparation to handle whatever may hit the fan.

In the face of those who struggle to keep their cool in a quandary, it’s almost an unfair advantage. It helps us speak powerfully for your position and win. Which, by the way, we also do gracefully.